Vesting chest
From the launch date to ~22 days (3 weeks), 50% of all harvested rewards will be send to a vesting contract
Locked QUOKK tokens will be distributed gradually. ~21 days after the launch the cliff is reached- this is where block by block you will start being able to claim a proportional share of your vested tokens. This will last 60 days after the cliff. I.e you will receive 1/60 of your vested tokens every day for 60 days after the cliff is reached. User can claim whenever he wants when the unlock starts, claimed QUOKK token goes to the wallet after the wallet TX confirmation
Realease startblock: 19050000
End release block: 21000000
Please note that the Chest distribution is linked to a block number, we cannot guarantee the exact day if the blockchain is ahead or behind
The locker is excluded from burn transfer tax. No transfer tax on claim
Last modified 1mo ago
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