Road Map
This block details our vision for QUOKKA ecosystem.


    August: Launch and start emitting rewards to our early adopters
    August: Listings on Coingecko, CMC, Dapp radar,, security audits and community giveaways!
    August/September: Partnerships and promotions
    September: Launch Quokka Family- governance vaults allowing you to stake your Quokka and receive platform profits as well as partner tokens
    September: Launch autocompounding vaults for major Polygon projects boosted by Quokka rewards (get $QUOKK on top of your normal rewards!)


    Start using vault, platform profits and dev share to burn $QUOKK
    Implement additional mechanisms to burn $QUOKK sush as casino games, prediction market etc
    Launch Quokka powered stablecoin
    Quokka NFT collection on polygon


    Go crosschain. Open farms on BSC, Fantom
    Vaults and autocompounding on BSC and Fantom
    Achieve deflation for $QUOKK by using platform profits after $QUOKK rewards finish
All of the teams efforts will be concentrated on creating cashflow and ensuring QUOKK governance stackers share the ecosystem profits as well as burning QUOKK to make it deflationary
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