What is Quokka Finance?
Qoukka finance is yield farm and yield aggregator on Polygon/Matic
Look at this happy Quokka building a crosschain DeFi ecosystem!
Quokka finance is a polygon based ecosystem powered by $QUOKK token. Our plan is to quickly expand our offerings and expand to multiple services and chains. The pilot project is Quokka yield farms, followed by yield aggregator. Shortly, we will expand the farms and vaults to BSC, Fantom. Shortly after launch our stablecoin offering.

Quokka at launch

We will launch as farm reward coin with plans to eventually build an entire ecosystem around $QUOKK. The coin itself will be used in governance and profit sharing among holders. As the emissions end all profits will be used to buyback/burn $QUOKK as well as sharing profit with our governance stackers (governance pools coming soon)

Governance focus

Our goal is to make $QUOKK a main focus of ecosystem. By the time the initial Quokka distribution is over we expect to have several working products that will ensure the coin has value. The goal is to generate profits and benefit our tokenholders. Additional tokens might be launched (such as farm tokens for bsc or fantom chain), but original polygon $QUOKK will remain the main token that will eventually become deflationary

Long-term plans

We are starting with Polygon as it is the leading L2 solution right now. However, one must follow the money and if our users and DeFi interests move to other chain- we will follow. Obviously, at no point will a specific chain be abandoned.
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