Deflationary mechanisms

Our goal is to make $QUOKK a deflationary governance token. Most of the profits we generate will go towards buying back and burning Quokka token. This is intended to create a buying pressure on the token as well as reducing the total supply.

Even though Quokka is going to be inflationary for the initial distribution period, we expect to be making enough profits from vaults, fees and other Quokka powered projects to create a steady stream of Quokka buybacks and burns
Weekly token burns
Team will perform weekly token burns. The tokens used to burns will be accumulated from any deposit fees, performance fees and team tokens.
Auto-burn of $QUOKK
    Each token transaction will automatically burn 2%
    $QUOKK distributed to farmers will be automatically burned at 2% per tx
    Early withdrawal penalty: 10% of $QUOKK pending reward will be burnt upon early withdrawal from all non-native pools and farms (within 3 days)
    No early withdrawal fees on $QUOKK/xxx LPs
NOTE: After max supply is reached the automatic token burn will be reduced to 0%

Platfrom fees and profits

Autocompounding Vaults

As soon as has launched we will start working on autocompounding vaults. These will allow you to easily invest in big projects accross Polygon and have the rewards automatically harvested and reinvested. We will charge a fee ( a % of rewards) for this service. Most of the fees will be used to buyback and burn $QUOKK

Quokka stablecoin profits

Once our vaults are live we will start working on our own stablecoin. The exact design of the coin is currently being discussed, however most of the profits generated here will also be used to buy and burn $QUOKK. An additional benefit is that $QUOKK itself will have a utility within the stablecoin project, thus creating more buy pressure for the coin

Crosschain profits

Once all aspects of the project are stable and working on Polygon we will start our expansion to other chains, mainly BSC and Fantom. Again, any profits generated by those will be used to benefit $QUOKK holders
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