$QUOKK tokenomics
Tokenomics of Quokka finance!
    Name: Quokka token, polyquokka finance
    Ticker: QUOKK
    Contract address: tbd
    Chain: Polygon/Matic
    Supply: Capped to maximum 60,000,000 $QUOKK
    Emission: max 4 Quokka tokens distributed per block (we may reduce this to 1-2 per block until we gain sufficient TVL and not cause active dumping)
    10% of the emissions will be forwarded to the team treasury to fund our expansion
    After max supply is reached the automatic token burn will be reduced to 0%

Token allocation

At launch, 3 million tokens will be allocated to growth fund. These funds will be used for promotions, giveaways, dev fund, partnerships and audits. We will also burn these as decided by the team. We will also burn around 500,000 tokens at launch to celebrate the launch!
UPDATE: 490,000 $QUOKK tokens burned at launch!
10% of the emissions will be sent to treasury address to fund the team in the future.
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